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About Slava

It was at the age of 12, that Slava cut his teeth programming business and accounting systems and started his career at a textile plant in Kostroma Russia – the city where he grew up.

At the age of 19, he won a Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation – the most prestigious scholarship and the highest award for academic and professional achievement for a student. Only a few students are awarded this honor. He continued his education at Cornell University graduate program with full scholarship provided focusing on mathematic models of business processes.

In 1999, he came back to work for a technology company in NY, then insurance company in NC. This is where he founded SPI Software Solutions, Inc. later renamed to GreenWave.

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Commission management is a good area to start the journey of building a highly effective well-oiled money-making machine. Commissions is where results of all BGA, GA and agency activities converge. We can help you at all stages of growth and guide and help you every step of the way!

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Do you want to get a head start on building a better commission process? Download the first 3 chapters of the book to join Slava as he shares his success story, 5 Traps of Insurance commissions process and how they can affect your BGA, GA, agency. You will get into the right mindset and make the first steps towards organizing and planning your compensation. You will follow the journey of a CEO, a COO and a commission manager in charge as they take their operations to the next level and, most importantly, find thousands of dollars lost commissions and realized efficiencies.